My Projects

Hi! This is where all of my coding projects will be given a description about them.


Dozer is currently where I focus my development time. Dozer is a collaborative project that multiple developers (myself included) work on. Dozer is written in Python, and is a moderation/general purpose bot for Discord servers related to FIRST. You can check out the main repository here, or my fork (where I work on my code) here.


This was my first ever Discord bot. It takes a Reddit inbox and allows Discord community moderation teams to make invitations from requests on Reddit. v1.0 is terrible and won't be posted, but I have a v2.0 here

This website

This should be an easy one to figure out, you're on it right now! I made this using templates and CSS from Bootstrap but wrote the HTML myself.

8th grade Gateway projects

In my 8th grade year, I was lucky enough to participate in the PLTW Gateway to Engineering class. Most of what came out of that from me was horrible CAD models and engineering drawings, but we did also do some RobotC with VEX. I've uploaded those, because that's the part I was actually good at. You can find them here

Freshman Computer Science

In my freshman year of high school, I've been taking computer science. I made a lot of random crap, but this is my semester 1 final project, written in Javascript.


I wrote a bot that allows for autofailover for Discord bots. My primary intention is for it to do Dozer redundancy, however I'd love to see other bot projects using it. I originally wrote the bot in Python, but couldn't get subprocess to behave properly so I wrote it in node.js so I could use pm2. You can find it here.

5052 Scouter

This is a scouting app I wrote for my FRC team, team 5052. We couldn't find an existing solution that met our needs, so I took it upon myself to write an app using Cordova. This project also taught me that JavaScript is painful. you can find the code here.

Sumo Bots

There's almost nothing to this. It's some RobotC that reacts to remote signals for FRC team 5052's sumo bots. The code can be found here.

Avatar to PNG

This is a Python mini-API that takes requests for FRC team avatars, pulls the base64 for the avatar, and caches it as PNG. The source code is here.


This is a Discord bot that structures debates. The bot is written in Python, and code can be found here and the bot can be invited here

Public Ideas to Trello

This is a Discord bot that I wrote for the FRC Discord server that takes public ideas (in a certain channel) and puts them in a Trello list. I wrote it in Python, and the code can be found here


This is a Flask-based Slack bot that is used to know when people need to be let in to the building at robotics meetings. It serves up a form where the user is asked for their name and which door they're at, then the input is sent to a Slack channel. It's written in Python and can be found here


This is a Discord bot I wrote in Java. It is installed as a Minecraft Spigot server plugin and updates an embed with relevant server info. I chose this to force myself to learn some Java. You can find the source code here. This project is incomplete and never will be complete.


ReMatch is a Python system that takes a recording of an event, does some math, and splits out individual clips of each match at the event. You can find its code here.


TimeTracker is an efficient way to track hours for your robotics team or club. It can be run either as a web server or as a CLI. You can find the source code here.


BroadcastSMS is the easy way to distribute information over text message. It's an Android app (written with Flutter) that will be on the Play Store soon. You can find the source code here.


Streamline-Control is a GUI that is used in the Streamline project (an initiative to help FTC events stream). It is written in Python and interacts with GTK. You can find the source here.

The Orange Alliance

I manage the CI for The Orange Alliance. You can find source code here and the site itself here.


RulerAPI is an API server and set of clients to get the text of a rule given its reference number. The original intent is for FRC, but its use is not limited to it. You can find the source here.